My Story...

Ever since I can remember I have always loved painting. And I am addicted to mixing colours together. For me painting is about creating a view or a panorama to escape to.

I now produce acrylic paintings in a variety of sizes inspired by landscape of one kind or another and I particularly love flowers: a mass of them in fields where they blur into great big brushstrokes in the distance: coast as I find sea views so calming and woodlands where I've enjoyed lovely walks with my family. I also produce prints for places where a smaller, or more affordable, solution is desirable. I also paint commissions for individuals and the NHS, please do contact me on the contacts page if you'd like to discuss one. I am producing new work all the time so please do check back regularly in the "Gallery Shop" section of this website to see what's new. I hope you enjoy looking through the landscapes which have inspired me to put brush to canvas.

I've also started to produce cushions, place mats and coasters from my work. These are itemised in the "Gifts" section of this site. I run children's art workshops once a month and adult workshops a few times a year. I live with my family in Surrey near the Downs.

My work has sold widely and is in many collections in the US, Canada, Australia and the Middle East as well as in many parts of Europe and the UK. Please see the lovely testimonials at the bottom of the page from several collectors of my work.